In design engineering JSC “PMP” uses the following software:

Intergraph Smart 3D  -  Three-dimensional design and modeling system for piping, equipment and load-bearing structures

Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID  -  Design piping and instrumentation diagram

AVEVA E3D -  Three-dimensional design and modeling system for piping, equipment and load-bearing structures

Tekla Structures  -  Three-dimensional design and modeling system for building structures

Autodesk Revit  -  Architectural-and-structural design

AutoCAD Civil 3D  -  Infrastructure design

nanoCAD Geonika  -  Infrastructure design

nanoCAD Geonika Networks  -  Engineering network design

Autodesk Inventor  -  Industrial 3D design

AutoCAD  -  Development and drawing of diagrams and plans

Autodesk Navisworks  -  Project review software

Aspen HYSYS  -  Simulation of stationary and dynamic operational modes for processes in gas-processing, oil-refining, petrochemical and chemical industries

Aspen Air Cooled Exchander  -  Design and calculation of air coolers

Aspen Shell & Tube Exchander  -  Design and check calculations of shell-and-tube heat exchanger

Aspen Fired Heaters  -  Modelling of heat-transfer processes, hydraulics and aerodynamics of heaters operating on gas or liquid fuel

SAP2000  -  Calculation and design of civil structures

ЛИРА (LIRA)  -  Computer-aided design and engineering, computational strength and stability analysis of structures

SCAD Office  -  Computer system for strength analysis of structures, using finite element method 

Фундамент (Foundation)  - Calculation of foundation structures

Изоляция (Insulation)  -  Computer-aided design of thermal insulation for piping and equipment

CAESAR II  -  Piping strength and rigidity calculations

СТАРТ (START)  -  Piping strength and rigidity calculations

Расход (Raskhod)  -  Calculation of standard restrictions (diaphragms)

Клапан (Valve)  -  Calculation and selection of actuating devices

PVP Design  -  Strength calculation of pressure vessels and apparatus

ПАССАТ (PASSAT)-  Calculation of strength and stability of vessels, apparatuses and its elements in order to evaluate its load bearing capacity during operating conditions, testing conditions and during erection

ANSYS Mechanical Pro  -  Static, dynamic, and thermal calculations of structures and equipment

PV Elite  -  Design of high pressure tanks and heat exchangers

ПВ-Безопасность (Fire and explosion safety)  -  Fire and explosion safety design and reference system

ТОКСИ + Risk -  Risk assessment and estimation of accident consequences at production facilities  

Технолог (Technologist)  -  Deign and simulation system, process engineer’s work station and heat engineering

Физхим (Phischim)  -  Tool-and-reference and design system for properties of substances and random mixes

Гидросистема (Hydrosystem)  -  Software performs heat losses and pressure drop calculations as well as nominal size selection for the pipeline networks,
transporting compressible or incompressible one phase fluids

Предклапан (Predklapan)  -  Calculation and selection of safety valves

Primavera P6 -  Project planning and scheduling

MS Project  -  Planning

ГРАНД-Смета (GRAND-Smeta)  -  Estimate documentation release system

А-НОЛЬ ПИР (A-NOL PIR)  -  Cost estimate of design works

1С: Бухгалтерия (1С: Accounting)  -  Computer-aided accounting

Norma CS Max  -  Electronic normative and technical documentation system

ConsultanPlus  -  Reference legal system