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Dear colleagues!

I am pleased to welcome you to our web-site and to provide you brief information on our organization.

JSC "PMP" is an engineering company that is for more than 28 years engaged in design of enterprises and units in fuel and energy industry, mainly in gas refining, oil refining and petrochemical area. Our Company delivers services to Customers in procurement and organization of construction of "turn-key" process units.

JSC "PMP" has a Branch Office in the town of Rostov-on-Don.

Highly qualified specialists able to execute an order of any technical complexity are employed in our organization.

We can accomplish challenging tasks due to the maximum attention given by our Company to raising the level of our staff proficiency. Therefore our strengths are high professionalism of engineers and their high responsibility for the job entrusted.

The pledge of every company’s success is in implementation of several principles:

- every employee should be proud of the results of his/her work;

- every effort should be exerted to get respect of competitors to your organization;

- customers and sub-contractors should give preference to your Company;

- stable and correct relations should be maintained with public and inspecting authorities.

We always do our best to properly fulfill the requirements imposed by:

- Customers who are the principal target of our efforts, pledge of reliable cooperation and successful financial standing of our Company;

- Company’s employees – pledge of success, prosperity and longevity of our Company.

As to our Customers, they may be sure that the required quality will be provided, whatever solutions or services are delivered to them.

Summing up the results of what has been done for the years passed, we are looking ahead with optimism.


1On April 8, 2022 JSC "PMP" celebrates its 29th birthday

2Public hearings for facility “Hydroisodewaxing Complex”

3Positive conclusion of Main State Expertise

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